Current Availability
State licensing laws in the Unites States require that mental health providers be licensed in the home state of the CLIENT. For this reason, DT CounselorConnect is currently only available in the following US states: California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.​ We are a growing service, and we hope to be continually expanding our reach!

International: DT CounselorConnect is currently only available in Canada, Europe, and the UK. At this time we only are able to offer counseling services in English.
Licensed Clinicians
DT CounselorConnect verifies that mental health professionals on this site are credentialed and in good standing with government licensing agencies. However, you may also confirm a counselor's credentials through your state's licensing board. Counselors who are not independently licensed are not allowed to use this service unless they are supervised by a licensed professional in their state. All counselors who are under supervision will provide full disclosures on their profile page.
Counselors maintain compliance with state and federal licensing board regulations for mental health professionals. These regulations are not always clear on how mental health services should be delivered via electronic mediums. States generally allow online mental health services when professionals are licensed in the client's state and when practicing within ethical and legal guidelines. (Please note that clinicians licensed in your home state may not reside in that state.)
Technology Requirements
With a little bit of preparation you will be ready to have a fantastic distance counseling experience. Here are a few factors that impact sound and video quality:

Audio- A headset is essential to improving sound quality when communicating via your computer over the internet. Click here for recommendations on high-quality and affordable headsets for your computer. You will also have the option of calling in on your phone, which provides one of the best sound quality experiences. If you do use your land-line or cell phone it is recommended that you use a blue-tooth device or headset to increase comfort.
Video- We recommend that you use an external HD web camera during distance counseling sessions.  Click here for our recommendations.
Internet Connection- If possible avoid mobile devices and mobile hotspots when engaged in distance counseling.

Computer- Since technology is frequently changing, using a desktop or laptop computer that is less than four years old will likely improve your distance counseling experience. 
Preparation- Log in and set up your equipment ahead of time. Don't waste your time (and money) turning on your computer and setting up your equipment during your session. Often times when we are hurried and rushed, our computers become "mysteriously" uncooperative which increases everyone's frustration.
Paying for Your Services
DT CounselorConnect is a self-pay service. Since most private insurance companies do not yet consider telemedicine a reimbursable health expense, all payments are made by the client.  Payments can be made at the time the appointment is scheduled or on the day of the appointment with the counselor.  Fees for counseling sessions vary from counselor to counselor but range from  $80 U.S. dollars to $120 U.S. dollars a session depending upon which counselor is selected.  In some limited cases, counselors may have a sliding fee scale based on financial need.  Payment types accepted are Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.