What is eCounseling?
Distance Counseling (or eCounseling) is an exciting way to receive professional counseling services anywhere. Distance Counseling occurs through video conferencing technology, secure instant messaging, or by phone. Research studies have shown that Distance Counseling is effective, convenient and affordable. Distance Counseling is great if you would like to see a clinician that is not located in your geographic area. You can meet with your counselor from the comfort of your own home!

How Does it Work?
It's easy! Start off by clicking the View Counselor Profiles button at the top of this page to learn more about the counselors listed on this site. If you find someone who you would like to work with, click their profile, and you will be able to view their contact information.  All counseling sessions take place from the convenience of your own home!  Please Note: Clients in the United States, will need to choose a clinician who is licensed in their primary state of residence. 
“Distance Counseling is an exciting way to receive professional counseling services anywhere.”