Find a Christian Counselor

Confidential. Competent. Convienient.

DT CounselorConnect is an on-line forum for individuals seeking a faith-based perspective in professional mental health counseling. Our Mission is to to help people find professional, licensed counselors who are committed to following Christ, and are commended by their church leaders. We provide professional counseling and through a distance counseling (or eCounseling) format.

What You Need To Know About Our DT Counselors​:

  1. Christian Values
    Clinicians on DT CounselorConnect are all Christians who are active in their church and commended by their local congregations.
  2. Disciples Today Verified
    Professional credentials are verified. Clinicians also provide spiritual references from a minister or elder in their local church.
  3. Licensed Professionals
    Clinician's must meet high standards of professional expertise, and are independently licensed mental health providers.